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Info Exchange Meetings

February 2013 Info Exchange Meeting- Dont be Afraid of Facebook

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Don't be Scared of Facebook

"How to set up and use social networks to your advantage"



    You are an IT professional and afraid to use the social networks. Why? Is it due to the incidents of abuse posted in newspaper headlines and on CNN. In this presentation, Cliff Samuels Jr. will show you how to properly set up and secure Facebook and how to use the social networks to keep updated on the IT field and local events. These are powerful tools to gather and disseminate information when used with care. You will gain useful tips and tactics on becoming a Social Network guru.

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BIO Cliff Samuels Jr

BDPA Info Exchange meeting- Windows 8-January 17,2013

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BDPA Info Exchange Meeting

January 17, 2013

6:30 pm  - 8:30 pm

Techtown 3rd floor meeting room

Windows 8

Topic: Demystifying Windows 8

What it can really do,
what you think it should do, and how it will transform the world of


Jenny Chan

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   Jenny Chan is from San Francisco and entered a program  through Challenge Detroit. She is a recent graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in Economics with a
concentration of Applied Statistics. She has worked at Regional Economics Applications Laboratory. Some projects she worked on include High Speed Railroad connecting the state of Illinois, unemployment rates, and impact analysis for the Ford Motor Company. She is experienced in data analysis,marketing, and website building. She is the founder of Speed Daytwah. To find out more about her, go to

Using Social Media to advance your career

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A webinar from November 2008 that is still relevant today!!

Presented by Wayne Hicks



BDPA Info Exchange Meeting Feb. 16,2012

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BDPA Info Exchange  Meeting


Thursday  February 16, 2012  

  6:00 PM - 8:30 PM 

Techtown --   440 Burroughs Detroit, MI 48207

Google Panel Discussion - "Is Google Doing No Evil"


In summary - the Google issue has two components - technology and legal (anti-trust). The complaint - claims Google is practicing anti-competitive activities with it search engine results by favoring its own products as the answer to the search results. The outcome of the law suit could cause a un-bundling of Google products. This is similar to the Microsoft anti-competitive suite some years back. In this discussion we will clarify what is antitrust law states, draw contras to the Microsoft suite , draw contras between the competition and the Google position as stated in the senate hearing, demo the issue and discuss the potential solutions win or loss - is the answer a technical solution, business solution or possible both.

Joseph E. Richotte, an associate based in Butzel Long's Detroit office and John A. Rothchild, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at Wayne State University Law School will discuss the debate on is Google becoming a monopoly in the internet business space and should be split apart.  Is Google pushing users to purchase exclusively from their branded products and business services?



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