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Info Exchange Meetings

Info Exchange Meeting - 2015 BDPA Technology Conference Recap

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BDPA Detroit Chapter 

September 17, 2015

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Info Exchange Meeting

2015 BDPA National Conference Overview and YTC Student Presentation


Join us this month at Trinity Health for a recap on the events at the BDPA 2015 National convention and a presentation from our Youth Technology Camp students.


Trinity Health

20555 Victor Parkway

Livonia, Michigan 48152

W-2200 Legacy Conference Room (Second Floor)


Register for Event HERE

BDPA June Info Exchange Meetng- What is the Internet of Things

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BDPA Detroit June Infomation Exchange Meeting

"What is the Internet of Things (IoT)"


June 18, 2015

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM



The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next great frontier of the new millennium. There is a great buzz in the business world and in the tech arena on this new market place that is expected to grow exponentially and worth billions of dollars. But what is this IoT?

Cliff Samuels Jr, VP of Technology and Automation for the BDPA Detroit Chapter, will give the audience an overview of IoT; the definition of IoT, the hardware being used, the products being developed, how the IT professional can become involved and how to cash in on this latest trend.


Register Here

Light Refreshments will be served



BDPA May 21, 2015 Info Exchange Meeting

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 "People Before Business - Leader Behavior Drives Successful Organizations with Effective Employee Relationships



In the session titled "People Before Business - Leader Behavior Drives Successful Organizations with Effective Employee Relationships"  our speaker, Dr. Preston Rich, will introduce the newest quantifiable evidence found in his recent study that suggests that not only leader behavior; but specifically the CEO's behavior, has a profound significant effect on the success of the organization.  This session will also present that effective leadership requires that the leader build strong relationships with their teams by focusing on the social tiers of motivation.  Finally, Dr. Rich will discuss how leader effectiveness is grounded in the essential tenants of building sound character and solid communication models in order to transform the people into committed organizational citizens.


Dr. Preston Rich is a dynamic speaker, strategic leadership consultant, information security consultant, disaster recovery consultant, management professor, professional coach, and owner of Preston Rich, LLC in Frisco, TX. He served over 10 years in the United States Air Force including two tours in Operation Desert Storm.


He is a 2013 and 2015 Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) finalist. Dr. Rich currently teaches business administration courses as an associate faculty member at Richland College in Dallas, TX and Collin College in Frisco, TX. His area of expertise is in the study of leader behavior and its effect on the organization. He is the first among his peers to establish a quantitative link between ethical leader behavior and organizational performance. Dr. Rich is dedicated to helping the world understand that if companies want to experience true success, they must put people before business.




Light refreshments will be served



Technology Training For Autistic Youth.

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BDPA Detroit

April 16, 2015 Info Exchange Meeting

Technology Training For Autistic Youth

In 2009, Camille Proctor launched The Color of Autism, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocacy, awareness and knowledge among Black parents, connecting families to local services, and providing one-to-one support.  Proctor founded her organization because as she traveled her journey, she noticed how little was known about autism, especially in the Black community. It seemed that many were dismissive of autism and more comfortable with the term, “slow.”

Today , The Color of Autism has created a workforce development program, imEnabled, to provide the training, support, and connection to employers that young adults with Autism or intellectual disabilities need.

Camille Proctor will give an overview of autism in the Black community and the organization's program to train youth in the STEM education. Come out and learn how you can become a part of this initiative and make a positive difference in the lives of our youth.





 Register for Event Here




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