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KPMG Future Leaders Program 2017

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KPMG Future Leaders Program 2017

2016 Background Information: 

In spring 2016, KPMG launched a new charitable initiative, the KPMG Future Leaders Program, focused on developing future generations of women leaders. Funded by proceeds from the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit, sixteen deserving, top performing high school girls were selected by the Office of Condoleezza Rice to participate in the inaugural KPMG Future Leaders Program – Class of 2016.  Here is a recap video summarizing the key highlights from the 2016 KPMG Future Leaders Program. 

KPMG Future Leaders Program 2017:
The Office of Condoleezza Rice is now accepting applications for the KPMG Future Leaders Program Class of 2017.  The students selected for the program receive:
1)       A KPMG Future Leaders Scholarship of $10,000 per year for 4 years of college
2)       A three-day KPMG Future Leaders Retreat with Condoleezza Rice at Stanford University in Stanford, CA (July 17-19, 2017), which will include leadership training, career development seminars and an introduction to golf clinic
3)       A pairing with a mentor for one-year through the KPMG Future Leaders Mentoring Program, the mentor being a female executive leader that attended KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit

Applications are due to the Office of Condoleezza Rice at Stanford University by January 30, 2017.   The winners will be selected and notified by April 15, 2017

We encourage all of our young, qualified, talented, bright  young women to apply and take advantage of this opportunity!

Click here for the complete application, which includes an overview of the program, instructions on how to apply and a list of specific criteria needed to qualify. 

Click here for a letter for you, from Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the 66th U.S. Secretary of State, and Lynne Doughtie, KPMG’s Chairman & CEO, describing the vision and purpose of the program, and a one-page snapshot of the program. 

Self Conference

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Our call for speakers is officially open! We're looking for 45 minute long talks on both technical and people topics. This means anything from web, mobile, and back end concurrent systems to talks about accessibility, team communication, inclusivity, and diversity. If you need inspiration, check out last year's talks!

If you're ready, head over to and submit your talk today!

Submissions close February 13th at 11:59:59 pm and submitters will be notified of the panel's decision on or before March 6th.

Sponsorships are also available, so take a look at if you think that may be of interest to your company. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you!


Techtown Event Roundup

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There are a lot of events coming up soon, so here's a quick roundup of everything in one place for you.

MedHealth Summit Challenge Applications Due
Friday, January 6
Apply Online

The MedHealth Challenge is seeking innovative medical device and digital health solutions to help consumers, caregivers, providers, and supporting institutions know more about their health, driving appropriate utilization and improved health care options; including health data utilization and chronic disease monitoring.

About the Summit: The MedHealth Summit will bring together health care organizations and innovators to catalyze the development of solutions and adoption of technologies that use health IT, digital platforms, and medical devices to solve key health care challenges in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario. It will serve as a platform for collaborative innovation, providing a myriad of opportunities for networking and education. 

The MedHealth Summit will be held on February 14, 2017, at TechTown Detroit. RSVP today!

AquaHacking Ideation Session
Thursday, January 23 | 5 to 7 pm
TechTown | 440 Burroughs | Detroit 48202

What’s AquaHacking? We’re taking the hacking and hackathon models and centering it around water issues—in this case, Lake Erie. Presented by TechTown, Cleveland Water Alliance, Wayne State University and the Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and corporate sponsors IBM and Digital C. This hack-marathon concludes with a two-day Water Innovation Summit in Cleveland in May and a $100,000 cash prize!

For the ideation session, we invite: watershed groups, environmentalists, water enthusiasts, engineers, students, interested citizens and corporate partners to help us generate a priority list of water issues related to Lake Erie that have the potential to be hacked in a way that improves water quality, grows our "Blue Economy" and catalyzes business opportunities in our region. Registration opens 1/17/17. Learn more about AquaHacking here.

Happy Hour Extra: The Not-the-Most Depressing Day of the Year
Friday, January 20 | 4:30 to 6:30 pm
TechTown | 440 Burroughs | Detroit 48202

You know we’ve got popcorn and beer every Friday. But once a month, we’re going to step it up! In January, we commemorate “Blue Monday,”   the most depressing day of the year (yes, it’s a real thing). You’re in the post-holiday doldrums; your credit card statement has arrived and spring is months away. We’ll wait to beat back the blues until Friday and we want you to join us. We’ll have pop-a-shot, a ping pong play-off—we’ve even found the corn hole game. A super funny, feel-good film will be on TV, and some extra-cheery drinks are on tap.

Exploring the Future: Impact and Growth with AR and VR
Date TBD | 5:30 to 7:30 pm
TechTown | 440 Burroughs | Detroit 48202

Check back on Facebook! Join the experts from Vectorform--Automation Alley’s Tech Company of the Year 2016--as they share insights on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and beyond. They’ll discuss the ins and outs of developing immersive VR applications. They’ll also look at how using the Unity Game Engine at Vectorform brings experiences to life. Throughout it all, they’ll be showcasing some of their newest projects and discussing how VR can transform any industry--from brand recognition and product visualization to cutting edge, high-consequence training. 2017 will be the year VR experiences take center stage. Plenty of time for audience Q & A, too!
Lunch in the Fueling Station
1/9: Ruckus Taco Co. (food truck)
1/17: The Platinum Chef (11am to 2pm | Fueling Station)
1/25: Ruckus Taco Co. (food truck)

Every Friday: Happy Hour in the Fueling Station | 3 to 5pm

Happening in our SWOT City neighborhoods

SWOT City Open Office Hours
Varied dates, 1 to 5pm

Are you a retail entrepreneur with a business idea or storefront in one of TechTown's SWOT City neighborhoods? Would you like to get an expert's opinion on your big idea, or could you use some direction on how to secure funding, line up resources or make connections? Sign up for SWOT City Open Office Hours and get your questions answered.

Appropriate businesses are any independent retail establishments or service providers such as: coffee shops, clothing stores, bookstores, green grocers, galleries, gift shops, lawn care, auto service, day care...

Available in Brightmoor, East Jefferson, Grandmont Rosedale, Osborn, Southwest and University District.

10 Organizations for Learning to Code

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10 Organizations for Learning to Code



Colleges no longer have a monopoly on education, and programming is no exception. These 10 organizations can teach you to program just the way you like it: free or paid, online or offline, hands-on or hands-off. Rather than threaten you with a bad grade, they entice passionate students with the promise of a new skill, a new community, and maybe some cute badges.


  • Codecademy: An online platform with free courses in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and jQuery. Plus, anyone can create a course and share it with aspiring programmers. They also organized Code Year, an initiative to teach more people to code in 2012, and Code Summer+, which teaches programming to disadvantaged youth.
  • Code School: Online coding education for just $25/month. If you prefer to pick and choose, you can buy any of their grab-bag of courses individually. They also created Try Ruby, a basic tutorial that lets you play around with the language.
  • Treehouse: An online library with over 750 training videos. A lot of the content is free, but you can subscribe monthly to get access to their whole collection.
  • Google Code University: For a more self-directed experience, browse Google’s library of courses and videos – particularly tutorials and introductions for beginners. You can also check out the Python and C++ classes taught at Google itself.
  • MIT Open Courseware: The most popular course among all MIT’s free course materials is Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. You get handouts, homework, and quizzes – just like MIT, but without the big price tag.

In Person

  • Hacker School: A free, 3-month program in New York City with a few lectures and speakers, but mostly heads-down programming. It’s aimed at hackers who already love coding, who want to write free and open source software, and whose goal is to learn (not build a product or startup). The summer 2012 session of Hacker School is in full swing at Etsy, which provided $5,000 grants to female students.
  • Code Academy: Paid, 3-month classes in web development, user experience, or HTML and CSS. Code Academy is based in Chicago at the 1871 incubator. Applications for the fall program close on August 12.

For the Ladies

  • Girl Develop It: Technical workshops for female programmers held around the United States, as well as in Canada and Australia. They aim to create a supportive environment where women can join the discussion and show off their skills. Courses are also available online.
  • Hackbright Academy: A 10-week training program for women in San Francisco – half learning, half doing. Applications for the fall program are due in August, and it costs $6,000.
  • Girls Who Code: An 8-week summer class teaching programming to high school girls in New York City, which began this Monday. They will take trips to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and work on a final project that tackles a challenge in their community, like recycling.

Programming isn’t for everyone, sure. But if it is for you, you’ll find tons of resources to help along the way.

Update: Also check out Dev Bootcamp (a 10-week program in San Francisco to learn Ruby on Rails) and Web Start Women (courses in web design and development for women in Boston).

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