BDPA Detroit - 3D Printing Disruptive Technology --March 17, 2016 Info Exchange Meeting


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BDPA Detroit Info Exchange Meeting

  March 17, 2016

6:30 - 8:30 pm

440 Burroughs   Techtown

3D Printing; Disruptive Technology


The doors are wide open for all who are passionate about all things technical. Our meetups encourage fun, socializing and high level talks on a variety of technology topics. IT recruiters and IT job seekers are both welcome!

What is 3D Printing?  Why is it such a hot product?  Why has 3D Printing been on the lips of technologists for years and now it’s on the lips of the general consume?  Why is 3D Technology or additive manufacturing, poised for explosive growth and why is it so important to BDPA members? 



By ‘printing’ and shaping materials such as plastic layer upon layer in various geometries, we can now create three-dimensional physical objects at a fraction of the unit cost.  This advance in technology has opened the door for numerous applications that are revolutionizing businesses across all industries.  Everyday people are also joining in on the fun and coming up with ever more creative uses for 3D printing.


Our guest speaker for this month is Mike Moceri  founder of 3D printing technology company, Manulith located at Techtown. He entered the 3D printing industry during his sophomore year in 2011 when he built his first machine and interned with MakerBot. Mike became an influential member of the DIY 3D printing community online and in Chicago with many of his projects such as establishing a standardized process from 3D scanning to printing and being featured in world renowned exhibitions including the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Chicago and New York. He later co-founded the world's first 3D printing retail and service bureau hybrid in April 2013 in downtown Chicago (3DPX).

In early 2014, he moved back to Detroit to start Manulith and MakerOS. Within one year, he grew Manulith into being the premier 3D printing service provider in Detroit with MakerOS as its backbone. Mike's mission is now to implement MakerOS to become the standard system in which maker businesses operate so that they may benefit the same as Manulith has.


BDPA Detroit is pleased that Mike will share his expertise and wisdom with BDPA members.

            Anyone, regardless of race or color, is welcome to attend!

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