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HISTORY: HSCC National Champions

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HISTORY: HSCC National Champions

2014 - Washington DC
2013 - So Minnesota
2012 - Atlanta
2011 - So Minnesota
2010 - So Minnesota
2009 - So Minnesota
2008 - So Minnesota
2007 - So Minnesota
2006 - Chicago
2005 - So Minnesota
2004 - Memphis
2003 - Memphis
2002 - Memphis
2001 - Memphis
2000 - Detroit
1999 - New York
1998 - Detroit
1997 - Hartford
1996 - Detroit
1995 - Detroit
1994 - Chicago
1993 - Detroit
1992 - New York
1991 - Detroit
1990 - Washington DC
1989 - New York
1988 - New York
1987 - New Orleans
1986 - Washington DC

HSCC Testimonial: Jamarr Hill (BDPA Detroit, 2003-2004)

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HSCC Testimonial: Jamarr Hill (BDPA Detroit, 2003-2004)

Jamarr Hill was a member of the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) team trained by BDPA Detroit chapter to compete in the National BDPA HSCC championships held in Philadelphia (2003) and Dallas (2004). He graduated from Martin Luther King High School before studying for a marketing degree at Wayne State University. Jamarr is the owner and chief executive officer of his own company, Balla-Status, Inc.

I would like to thank Mr. Wayne Hicks for the opportunity to share some experiences that I had as a proud alumni of BDPA’s High School Computer Competition (HSCC). From the moment we tested to see where our skills were, I knew that I would love my journey. I was blessed to have wonderful teachers and excellent sponsors. I learned Java (the best programming language to date) and was able to piece together something that made me feel empowered, creative and cutting-edge. I don't know if BDPA knew it, but they were really preparing me for the future as web applications and design was in its infancy at that time.

After learning a new language and then learning to play a role. We were introduced to an environment that made the inner geek in me smile from ear-to-ear. We traveled to Philadelphia for the 2003 national HSCC championship. There seemed to be thousands of high school aged pioneers at the hotel. We were all there, not just to win, but to learn and grow.

Looking back on those years allowed me to see that I was being steered in a direction that affected my college choices, career choice and life choice. Thank you BDPA. I owe you all my happiness.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is proud to be able to share these HSCC testimonials for posterity. We appreciate Jamarr and the hundreds of other young men and women who have participated in almost 30 years of HSCC championships! We can use your help with funding college scholarships for young people like Jamarr.

BDPA Detroit Team Finishes in Top 10 in National Competition

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BDPA Detroit Team Finishes in Top 10 in National Competition

It wasn’t easy, but they did it — with skill, hard work and determination.

Left to right: Charles McIntosh Jr., Cameron Hughes and Austin Little work diligently on their project.

The Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) Detroit team built an application from scratch, finishing in the top 10 in the National High School Computer Competition, Aug. 2-4 in Baltimore.

Team members Austin Little, Charles McIntosh Jr. and Cameron Hughes were upbeat about the experience.

Little, 17, of the University High School Academy in Southfield, was a second time participant in the competition.  While he lamented spending lots of time fixing things as they built the application, he was positive about competing: “We learned a lot, and it will benefit us in the future,” he said.

Learning skills in execution was beneficial to McIntosh, 15, of Cass Technical High School in Detroit. “Seven hours is not a lot of time to build an application.” he said. “The competition taught me how to manage my time wisely and how to organize things.”

Perhaps the most philosophical comment came from Cameron Hughes, 16, of University of Detroit Jesuit High School.

“Even if we don’t do as well as we had hoped, it was a good learning experience and a personal victory,” he said.  “We learned a lot about how to manage our time.  The last five minutes were by far the most productive.”

Knowing their hard work and tenacity, Compuware Quality Assurance Analyst Daisha Herring was proud of their ninth place rating out of 18 competing teams. “If they keep at it, they will probably win a place in the top 5 next year,” she said.

For the past 16 years, Compuware has sponsored the BDPA Detroit team to the national competition. During this time, the Detroit team has won five national competitions.  Last year the team came in second, as it did in 2009.